Merry Yuletide

Sharing a bit of seasonal reclaiming, here is a song I reworked that I hope you enjoy.

Valkyries we have heard on high

Valkyries we have heard on high
Proudly carrying battle slain
To the House of Odin
Where immortal they remain
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Feasts and training in the halls
Warriors of Valhalla prepare for war
Fight away the longest night
and Welcome into day, the light
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Tis the time of the year
that we greet the great Jolnir
who wanders long and far
bringing gifts to us here
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
written by Kaylus the Grey

Spell Bottle

Hail everyone,

Today I would like to talk about making a Spell bottle, for this is a good time to buy containers. Classic style calls for glass or earthenware containers, those are my preference. However, I am adaptable when I need to be, which lead me to this discovery a while back.  While out doing basic needs shopping I spotted these empty Christmas balls that are made to be filled. Satori! Here sits the modern spell bottle. Maybe I was just in a dark corner where the Internet did not reach me with this wonderous announcement, or the email spam guard kicked the memo into the trash box. Until that moment I was ignorantly in the dark about these wondrous new inventions. So I gathered up a small number of them.


When I got I home I rounded up all the different ingredients I might need to make my first one.  At this time in my life, I was having a creative block. So I wanted to create a spell bottle that removed the block or brought inspiration into my home. I had already made a traditional witches bottle previously.

I set aside some rosemary, allspice, bay leaf, and some stones that called out to be included. I also put some random decorative items in as well, they are for camouflage. Once I filled the bottles, I used some hot glue to seal the top.  When it was ready to be hung, I chanted over it, to it,  and through it.

You may also paint the outside with sigils, prayers, or pictures. The ability to direct a spell at a particular person is also inherent in with these containers. Just place a photo of the person you wish to direct your spell towards. A reminder, any time you practice magick there is always a give and a take. Make sure you understand and are willing to accept that. With that said, the possibilities are as endless as your mind and your needs. Imagine a Yule tree or Christmas tree all decorated with these for a specific intent!

Until Next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.