A Witches Call

Here is a piece that has been floating around. It is a beginning of a working or ritual.

From North to East we Dance around
To South and West we call to sound
The powers from below and above
To surround

With horns in the Air
And thorns in our hair,
With stones we throw
And bones we wear
In the circles and crossroads
Is the witness we bear
Of Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors
We, of the Twisting Yew,
Beseech thee to share
Clarity and power
In this hour

Written by Kaylus the Grey

Protection Spell

dpp_6366 (2)

For this past full moon one of our members had a request for a protection magick. This is a slight variant on what we created for the request. Full moon energy was used to boost the potency. The ingredients used are:

  • Alligator Tooth
  • One to three Sea Shells with points preferably
  • Selected herbs. ( We used Bay Leaf , and Ground Clove.)
  • Cascarilla powder
  • Black Candle

Feel free to add anything else you think you need, or what you know works for you. During the speel you will be placing the shells and gator tooth will be placed around a house or property. You will also Fill the gator tooth herbs and cascarilla powder and seal it with wax from the black candle.

When you are ready to start the spell gather the filled and sealed tooth, shells and candle to where you will be working. Cast your circle if desired.

Light the candle, and the speak the spell below:

To the Gods who work with and watch over person/persons named. We call to you tonight! Glorious are you in whom We walk with! Great are you in whom We give our Love to! Hear us tonight, under this full Moon whose strength is bright. Bless this spell for protection of this house,
person/persons named, their family, and their possessions from the ill intentions, and actions of those who wish to harm and to bring harm here. 

  We call to the creatures of the sea who have passed and left these houses that have points and spikes, bless these vessels times three! ( present shells to all directions, and place in the predesignated spots) We call to Gator whose teeth and claws protect their territory bless this vessel! ( present to all directions, and then place in the predesignated spot.)” 

We you feel ready open the circle if you cast one. If it is safe leave the candle burn to its completion. If it is not, light the candle daily until it is done.

 ‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.