Call to the Ancient Ones


This ritual is an evocation to call to the Ancient Ones used to bring them into our world once again. Use this if you truly want to invite the Old Gods into your life.

Call to the Ancient Ones

To the Ancient Ones
Who flow through my veins
Who steel my bones
To the Ancient Ones
Who dance in my head
Who whisper in my ears
To the Ancient Ones
Who flutter across my sight
Who live in my heart
By name
By deed
By death
By legacy
By myth
By story
You are alive
You are remembered
You are honored
Through the threshold
Return once more
Enlighten this world
Hunt in this this world
Sing in this world
Dance in this world
Steal in this world
Lie in this world
But return again
To leave your mark upon
Those who have forgotten
Those who have never learned
Those who never believe

The Healing Bind

The Healing Bind

On the outside looking in
The hell of the past is continuing
I see where I’ve been
Where I am going
I’ve left you within
The circle of flames
Burnt to a sin
You are stretched across
A shallow grave
Ashes blowing in the wind

No more will you be tormenting
No more will you be hurting
No more will you be absorbing
The Chaos
The Confusion
The Identity

I have bound and burned
The skin you used to cut
The heart you used to eat
The mind you used to fuck

The pain, the fire, the rebirth,
Return to Earth
The control I gave
The feeling of you
I forsake
Within these words
Within myself
Strength I take

So mote it be!

written by Kaylus the Grey