Spring has turned the tide.



With Winter finally receding and Spring throwing down it’s rains, I figured it is a good time to post an update of what has been going here in Twisting Yew. We have had several good rituals Ostara and Beltane. I will be posting the Beltane ritual soon. We have also had a lot closed rituals for healing requested by members.

I personally have been working on setting up a local Pagan 101 class, and possibly a group class for learning Runes. With the nice weather beginning to be the norm, weekly fireside chats are a possibility as well.

March and April are personally busy months for me in my professional life. That translate to not having as much time as I would like to produce content.  One of the other Guardians has also shown some interest in posting here. I will be setting up them to do so very shortly here, schedules permitting.

Until next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.