Honored one
I hear you call
I see your actions
Your message I know not.
The path is here
The foundation you  have built
The steps were mine
The steps are mine
The storms rage all around
I still see
I still walk
I may not be me when I’m done
Written by
Kaylus the Grey

Leaving the Past

This is a poem spell to keep the pain of the past in the past.


On the outside looking in

the Hell of Past is continuing

I see what I’ve been

Where I am going

I’ve left you within

The circle of flames

burnt to a sin

You are stretched across

a shallow grave

Ashes blowing in the wind


No more will you be tormenting

no more will you leave me hurting

No more will you be absorbing

The Chaos

The confusion

The identity


I have bound and burned

the skin you used to cut

the heart you used to eat

the mind you used to fuck


The pain

The fire

The rebirth

Return to earth

the control I gave

the feelings of you

I forsake!

within these words

within myself

Strenght I take!

So mote it Be!


Written by Kaylus the Grey

Gypsy Wind

Gypsy wind

I hear your call

the promise of


the unknown



As loud as the sound

of my heart, I hear you.

My bag is packed

My home is ready

I’ll fly with you.

Gypsy Wind



Blowing down the trees.

Gypsy Wind

Bring the Ravens

Run with the Wolves

Gypsy wind

Do you hear

the beat of the hooves

For Grimnir is about!

Written by Kaylus the Grey

The Golden One

Through the whipping Rains

The singing Winds

The Rumbling grounds

The lightning sound

I can be found.


Through the screaming words

The swinging fists

The haunting alone

You can endure


In My eyes

Through My touch

With My Breath

You can be healed

Pray to Me

The Golden One


Written by Kaylus the Grey




By proxy
Does it matter
Is it the same
A leap of faith
A walk down the insane
Do you see
Can you feel
Is your filter clogged
Do the drugs awaken
Do the prescriptions cloud
Is your culture ignorant
Is your society ambivalent
Are you neighbors malevolent
Are you strong enough to hear your own drum
Are you brave enough to walk alone.

Written by Kaylus the Grey

A Prayer

A Prayer

Warrior Goddess
Oh my great Warrior Goddess
Cast me in your image
For to the Hells of love
I am called
I must be a death bringer
A loss giver
A life alchemist
Make my heart solid
Make my skin in armor
Make my weapons of the infinite
The strength of those
May keep my soul intact.