March Full Moon Ritual 2020

Here is the full moon ritual for this month. You will need 3 bay leaves, and any candles, incense and other offering you would like to use.

From North to East we dance around
To South and West we call to sound,
The powers from below and above
To surround!

With horns in the Air
And thorns in our hair,
With stones we throw
And bones we wear
In the circles and crossroads
Is the witness we bear
Of Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors
We, of the Twisting Yew,
Beseech thee to share
Clarity and power
In this hour

Welcome all Tonight, we are here to celebrate Hekate during the March full moon. We are here to ask for her blessing. We are here to use Her energy to help keep us on our true path. We are here because we seek connection in times where division seems to be everywhere. We seek a connection to Divine, to Self, to this Fellowship.

Hail Hekate!
You call Brimo! tonight we call upon you that your fierce winds of change be swift and fruitful during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon

Hail Hekate!
You are called Mistress of Balance, tonight we call upon that balance during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon. We call upon the Mistress of Balance! Allow us clarity of our true path.

Hail Hekate!
You are called Enodia, in the path, tonight we call upon that aspect during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon. We call upon Enodia! Allow us fortitude to carry on this path.

With this offering I bury the negativity blocking my true path,
I let go of the people blocking my true path.
I bury the thought patterns blocking my true path.
(bury one bay leaf)
With this offering I send my intention out, to receive the opportunities, that grow my path.
I send my intention out, to receive the prosperity, that grows my path.
I send my intention out, to receive the energy, that grow my path.
(burn one bay leaf)
With this offering I embrace the strength to keep moving on my true path.
I embrace the changes required to remain on my true path
I embrace the energy that grows my true path.
(hold one bay leaf to the moon, then carry it on your person.)

In the name of Propylaea
In the name of Enodia
In the name Soteria
(make the sign of Hekate Triformis)
Hail Mighty Hekate, we thank you for your presence in this hour. Go if you must stay if you will.
From West to South we have Danced around
From East to North we have called to sound
the powers from Above and Below
You may now go.

With horns in the air
and thorns in our hair.
With stones we throw
and bones we wear.
In the Circles and Crossroads
is the witness we beared
of Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors.
We, of Twisting Yew, thank you
for your presence, clarity and this hour of power.
You may go now.

Written by Kaylus the grey 2020

Review: Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologetic

Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologeyic by Lisa Lister, was one of a few books I picked up last week. With in the first few pages, I almost put the book down. You may actually put it down. It is not meant for everyone. That is ok.

Over all the book is geared towards beginner woman witches. It talks a lot about Patriarchy and the damage it has done to woman over the centuries. The book also tells you to question everything including this book. It is clearly a feminist book.

Once you get past all of if it does not resonate with you, the books provides some basic information. The information is not anything new or not found elsewhere. It goes over the Sabbats, some herb, stone, and color correspondences, different way of divination, and so forth.

The positive thing in this book is that it highly encourages you to listen to yourself, to feel yourself, to know yourself. It also provides some path working exercises through out the book. The book is more of a guide or call to do your own research and developer your own path.

So if you are looking for an in-depth how to, this book may not be for you. However if you are looking for something with a different flavor, you might find this book interesting.

‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.

Leaving the Past

This is a poem spell to keep the pain of the past in the past.


On the outside looking in

the Hell of Past is continuing

I see what I’ve been

Where I am going

I’ve left you within

The circle of flames

burnt to a sin

You are stretched across

a shallow grave

Ashes blowing in the wind


No more will you be tormenting

no more will you leave me hurting

No more will you be absorbing

The Chaos

The confusion

The identity


I have bound and burned

the skin you used to cut

the heart you used to eat

the mind you used to fuck


The pain

The fire

The rebirth

Return to earth

the control I gave

the feelings of you

I forsake!

within these words

within myself

Strenght I take!

So mote it Be!


Written by Kaylus the Grey

Prayer Beads


Growing up in America, specifically a Roman Catholic dominated area, I was exposed to rosaries. I still have the one gifted to me for my first holy communion. It is still in the white purse with the never opened prayer book and a saint card, sitting in the attic of my childhood home. My parents where paper Catholics as adults and they attempted to pass Catholicism onto myself and my sister.  I never took to it, though I do use some of the practices, like candle burning, incense, and now prayer beads.  Yes, I know these are all common to a lot of religions not just the domain of Catholicism.

It took many years to be comfortable with prayer beads. I always associated it with being Catholic, not pagan. After reading and learning about history and different religions I came to understand that it is another practice widely used in many religions.

Why would a Pagan, or a Witch use prayer beads? My answer is to create the right atmosphere for your mind to practice magik, receive messages, or to calm your mind. Using a set of prayer beads to put your mind on magik is easy. Before you do any work, grab your prayer beads get comfortable. Stat with holding a bead, then thank each deity, spirit, entity that you work with. If you only have one that you work with, start by thanking that diety. you can then move on to naming all the epithets they may have, listing accomplishments they have, or thank them for the gifts they have given you.

If you have several ingredients in a spell, you may also use your prayer beads to focus on the aspect of each of the ingredients needed for your work. For example, a love spell is what you are going to do today and you are using red candles, rose petals, jasmine incense. You may use just four beads of your prayer beads to focus on each ingredient. Pray to each ingredient, seeing each, feeling each becoming that ingredient for the time period spent holding a bead.  Some people may find this redundant, as they do this already when they do their work. That is ok. Others may find this as a useful key to unlocking greater efficacy of personal work.

How does one make prayer beads? The method is easy.

1. Decide on the number of beads in a set.

2. Decide on the number of sets.

3. Acquire beads and material to string them together.

The colors and types of beads may also be a consideration. In the picture at the beginning of this article is my homemade prayer beads. I chose to keep the traditional number of 5 sets for a rosary, however, I use seven beads and not ten normally used.  The skulls where a bead I liked and I found hematite separator beads to go in between the sets of skull beads. I could not find a suitable metal pendant and had to make my own using a bottle cap. The Santa Muerte pendant was ordered from Frater Setnakh.
Prayer bead may be as simple as a strand of beads, they do not need to emulate any other template. The most important thing is to make it work for you.

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.