A Pagan’s Creed

I believe in the Gods, the Creators of Upperworld, Midgard, and the Underworld.

I believe in the Almighty dead, our Ancestors, Who walked before us; Suffered and celebrated as we do; born of the Gods as we are, and died as we will. They descended into the Underworld; They rose again ; They ascended into Upperworld, and sitteth at the right hands of Gods, the Creators almighty; from thence They shall come to guide the living and the dead.

I believe in the Raven, the Serpent, and the Spider, the lessons learned, the resurrection of the Soul and love everlasting.

Adapted by Kaylus the Grey 2019

May Dark Ritual

For this ritual we started with Twisting Yew’s LBRP

In this River

We find you

Washing Clothes

Of the fated.

On this field

We see your Crows

Flying over the

Dead mutilated.

In this Sky

Are heard the wails of your Bean Sidhe

Greeting the newly departed.

Out of this fire

We the survivors

Walk now Life initiated.


Tonight under this moon dark

We of Twisting Yew gather to honor You,

The Great Queen

The Goddess of Sovereignty

The Goddess of Prophecy

The Goddess of Magick

The Morrigan!

Before you now are those of Twisting Yew

We bring libations ( pour whiskey into the cup.)

We bring our sacrifices (people approach and offer sacrifices.)

We recognize the work you do for us, for and others.

Thank You. ( Allow time for acceptance or spontaneous happenings.)

Through this River

We wade.

Thank you for your blessing. Hail and farewell.

Through this Field

We march.

We thank you for your blessing. Hail and farewell.

Through this sky

We fly.

We thank you for your blessing. Hail and farewell.

Through this Fire

We burn.

We thank you for your blessing. Hail and farewell.

May your roots never rot, May your growing never stop.

Written by Kaylus the Grey

Review: Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologetic

Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologeyic by Lisa Lister, was one of a few books I picked up last week. With in the first few pages, I almost put the book down. You may actually put it down. It is not meant for everyone. That is ok.

Over all the book is geared towards beginner woman witches. It talks a lot about Patriarchy and the damage it has done to woman over the centuries. The book also tells you to question everything including this book. It is clearly a feminist book.

Once you get past all of if it does not resonate with you, the books provides some basic information. The information is not anything new or not found elsewhere. It goes over the Sabbats, some herb, stone, and color correspondences, different way of divination, and so forth.

The positive thing in this book is that it highly encourages you to listen to yourself, to feel yourself, to know yourself. It also provides some path working exercises through out the book. The book is more of a guide or call to do your own research and developer your own path.

So if you are looking for an in-depth how to, this book may not be for you. However if you are looking for something with a different flavor, you might find this book interesting.

‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.

A Prayer

A Prayer

Warrior Goddess
Oh my great Warrior Goddess
Cast me in your image
For to the Hells of love
I am called
I must be a death bringer
A loss giver
A life alchemist
Make my heart solid
Make my skin in armor
Make my weapons of the infinite
The strength of those
May keep my soul intact.