March Full Moon Ritual 2020

Here is the full moon ritual for this month. You will need 3 bay leaves, and any candles, incense and other offering you would like to use.

From North to East we dance around
To South and West we call to sound,
The powers from below and above
To surround!

With horns in the Air
And thorns in our hair,
With stones we throw
And bones we wear
In the circles and crossroads
Is the witness we bear
Of Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors
We, of the Twisting Yew,
Beseech thee to share
Clarity and power
In this hour

Welcome all Tonight, we are here to celebrate Hekate during the March full moon. We are here to ask for her blessing. We are here to use Her energy to help keep us on our true path. We are here because we seek connection in times where division seems to be everywhere. We seek a connection to Divine, to Self, to this Fellowship.

Hail Hekate!
You call Brimo! tonight we call upon you that your fierce winds of change be swift and fruitful during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon

Hail Hekate!
You are called Mistress of Balance, tonight we call upon that balance during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon. We call upon the Mistress of Balance! Allow us clarity of our true path.

Hail Hekate!
You are called Enodia, in the path, tonight we call upon that aspect during the waxing of the spring equinox on this full moon. We call upon Enodia! Allow us fortitude to carry on this path.

With this offering I bury the negativity blocking my true path,
I let go of the people blocking my true path.
I bury the thought patterns blocking my true path.
(bury one bay leaf)
With this offering I send my intention out, to receive the opportunities, that grow my path.
I send my intention out, to receive the prosperity, that grows my path.
I send my intention out, to receive the energy, that grow my path.
(burn one bay leaf)
With this offering I embrace the strength to keep moving on my true path.
I embrace the changes required to remain on my true path
I embrace the energy that grows my true path.
(hold one bay leaf to the moon, then carry it on your person.)

In the name of Propylaea
In the name of Enodia
In the name Soteria
(make the sign of Hekate Triformis)
Hail Mighty Hekate, we thank you for your presence in this hour. Go if you must stay if you will.
From West to South we have Danced around
From East to North we have called to sound
the powers from Above and Below
You may now go.

With horns in the air
and thorns in our hair.
With stones we throw
and bones we wear.
In the Circles and Crossroads
is the witness we beared
of Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors.
We, of Twisting Yew, thank you
for your presence, clarity and this hour of power.
You may go now.

Written by Kaylus the grey 2020

Spell Bottle

Hail everyone,

Today I would like to talk about making a Spell bottle, for this is a good time to buy containers. Classic style calls for glass or earthenware containers, those are my preference. However, I am adaptable when I need to be, which lead me to this discovery a while back.  While out doing basic needs shopping I spotted these empty Christmas balls that are made to be filled. Satori! Here sits the modern spell bottle. Maybe I was just in a dark corner where the Internet did not reach me with this wonderous announcement, or the email spam guard kicked the memo into the trash box. Until that moment I was ignorantly in the dark about these wondrous new inventions. So I gathered up a small number of them.


When I got I home I rounded up all the different ingredients I might need to make my first one.  At this time in my life, I was having a creative block. So I wanted to create a spell bottle that removed the block or brought inspiration into my home. I had already made a traditional witches bottle previously.

I set aside some rosemary, allspice, bay leaf, and some stones that called out to be included. I also put some random decorative items in as well, they are for camouflage. Once I filled the bottles, I used some hot glue to seal the top.  When it was ready to be hung, I chanted over it, to it,  and through it.

You may also paint the outside with sigils, prayers, or pictures. The ability to direct a spell at a particular person is also inherent in with these containers. Just place a photo of the person you wish to direct your spell towards. A reminder, any time you practice magick there is always a give and a take. Make sure you understand and are willing to accept that. With that said, the possibilities are as endless as your mind and your needs. Imagine a Yule tree or Christmas tree all decorated with these for a specific intent!

Until Next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.