Prayer Beads


Growing up in America, specifically a Roman Catholic dominated area, I was exposed to rosaries. I still have the one gifted to me for my first holy communion. It is still in the white purse with the never opened prayer book and a saint card, sitting in the attic of my childhood home. My parents where paper Catholics as adults and they attempted to pass Catholicism onto myself and my sister.  I never took to it, though I do use some of the practices, like candle burning, incense, and now prayer beads.  Yes, I know these are all common to a lot of religions not just the domain of Catholicism.

It took many years to be comfortable with prayer beads. I always associated it with being Catholic, not pagan. After reading and learning about history and different religions I came to understand that it is another practice widely used in many religions.

Why would a Pagan, or a Witch use prayer beads? My answer is to create the right atmosphere for your mind to practice magik, receive messages, or to calm your mind. Using a set of prayer beads to put your mind on magik is easy. Before you do any work, grab your prayer beads get comfortable. Stat with holding a bead, then thank each deity, spirit, entity that you work with. If you only have one that you work with, start by thanking that diety. you can then move on to naming all the epithets they may have, listing accomplishments they have, or thank them for the gifts they have given you.

If you have several ingredients in a spell, you may also use your prayer beads to focus on the aspect of each of the ingredients needed for your work. For example, a love spell is what you are going to do today and you are using red candles, rose petals, jasmine incense. You may use just four beads of your prayer beads to focus on each ingredient. Pray to each ingredient, seeing each, feeling each becoming that ingredient for the time period spent holding a bead.  Some people may find this redundant, as they do this already when they do their work. That is ok. Others may find this as a useful key to unlocking greater efficacy of personal work.

How does one make prayer beads? The method is easy.

1. Decide on the number of beads in a set.

2. Decide on the number of sets.

3. Acquire beads and material to string them together.

The colors and types of beads may also be a consideration. In the picture at the beginning of this article is my homemade prayer beads. I chose to keep the traditional number of 5 sets for a rosary, however, I use seven beads and not ten normally used.  The skulls where a bead I liked and I found hematite separator beads to go in between the sets of skull beads. I could not find a suitable metal pendant and had to make my own using a bottle cap. The Santa Muerte pendant was ordered from Frater Setnakh.
Prayer bead may be as simple as a strand of beads, they do not need to emulate any other template. The most important thing is to make it work for you.

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.







Call to the Ancient Ones


This ritual is an evocation to call to the Ancient Ones used to bring them into our world once again. Use this if you truly want to invite the Old Gods into your life.

Call to the Ancient Ones

To the Ancient Ones
Who flow through my veins
Who steel my bones
To the Ancient Ones
Who dance in my head
Who whisper in my ears
To the Ancient Ones
Who flutter across my sight
Who live in my heart
By name
By deed
By death
By legacy
By myth
By story
You are alive
You are remembered
You are honored
Through the threshold
Return once more
Enlighten this world
Hunt in this this world
Sing in this world
Dance in this world
Steal in this world
Lie in this world
But return again
To leave your mark upon
Those who have forgotten
Those who have never learned
Those who never believe

Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is a modern iconic image associated with witches. A simple search will bring loads of articles, Pinterest, Instagrams, and books about the subject. With all the information available it is easy to be a bit confused or overwhelmed to not want to start.  I have been through several books over the years, never quite happy with them. They held their information adequately, and where durable. Though something just wasn’t quite right.

Three years ago I discovered a solution to the not quite right feeling. I found an organization system that allowed flexibility. It was the poor organization and rigidness that was off feeling.  The solution I found is the Bullet Journal system.  It is something I use in my daily life. Durning one of my review sessions, the thought of  “I can use this in my BOS!” excitedly screamed through my head, as I sat there.

How many times have I paged through the several of my BOS’s looking for the specific information, like a spell, an ingredient, results of a magik, or a dream? Too many that it was a problem. When you have just one BOS looking through it may not be that much of a time sink, but when you have books it adds up quickly. The Bullet Journal system solves it in a fairly easy and simple solution. An index and numbered pages. That is it, so simple, why didn’t I think of it kind of simple.  DPP_5980.JPG

The other element of that system is the idea of collections. Collections are just that pages with a collection of a specific type data, for instance, herb uses. How do you navigate through multiple books? Easy, you label the books. Say you had a list of correspondences for a God in an early BOS, and two BOS’s later you found need to continue and update it, all you need to do is start the new collection in your current book, at the bottom of the page you would write the label of the old book and page number on it with an arrow from the page number of the current book pointing to the old book location.20171112_170810.jpg

Maybe  I just missed the class that discussed over the years, as I tend to live in my own world, but this moment was a defining for my spiritual development. It has allowed me to see patterns and recognize the changes I want to make.

Having the index allows a BOS the flexibility of personal growth.  A lot BOS organization suggestions call for three-ring binders and page protectors, section dividers. I do not like spending money on all of that. Quite frankly I do not like having all of that extraneous material in my BOS. The index allows you to put that spell next to that ritual next to that herb list and keep track of it. That thought of inspiration, that meditation message, that divination result, put it down and log it in the index. If you run out of index room, you can use scotch tape to add pages for your index. Go check out the Bullet journal community for ideas you can carry over into your BOS.

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.

How to turn anything into what you need…

Ok, maybe not everything into everything you need but by the end of this article I hope you have picked up some tips on how to see something’s potential. As a child, I would use whatever I could to do whatever my crazy child mind thought of, just like most young children. One of my all-time favorites as a child was to use a broom handle to open the kitchen cupboard and again use that handle to get a mug. I did that instead of hauling around a heavy kitchen chair for a child. It had a side effect of freaking out my parents because they could not imagine how as a child I was able to move the kitchen chairs so quietly.

I still use this thinking process daily, because it still serves me to do so. A more recent example is using this electricians pouch at work.  DPP_5978.JPG

My work requires a variety of highlighters, a marker, and pen. I also carry a notebook because the to-do list never ends and the priorities shift at a moment’s notice.  In addition to pretty standard items for workplaces, I also am required to use rolls of various labels, a portable printer, a handheld device, and various types of frames for the labels. My work is not stationary I am walking all the time. My work does not provide adequate solutions for hauling all of these things around in an organized fashion.  So I went outside the box and came up with my own solution. I have also replaced my non-work bags with using this pouch to carry my things around.

How does this translate into my spiritual path? Simple, I use what I have and what I can reasonably acquire for my spells, rituals, offerings. On the biggest obstacles to most beginners is being stuck in the mindset of using exactly what the author, suggests. I am not going to talk about deviating from what a teacher of a path teachers you.  A teacher has reasons for what they teach you, and if you deviate you may miss out on the important concept behind the details.  That aside, when you are doing your own research, and learning, adaptation is key to understanding your inner self.

I am not the first to discuss this, but I am very passionate about it. I have found that following traditional offerings for certain deities I work with do not work as well as if I had used what was available to me at the time instead of waiting and purchasing the listed type of offering. Using glass spheres for divination and spirit work vs. costly crystal spheres is another substitution that provides great results.

How often do you come across crystal spheres in nature anyway?  Nature provides what you need. You may not live in the locale of the author and therefore not have access to the herbs that they have available.  You can then spend money, or spend your time learn what is a local alternative.

Another scenario might be that you have inherited a home from an ancestor that was not Pagan but had a workshop full of tools, large shop style toolboxes, and work tables. Would you sell them or convert the workshop to a temple and just move the tools elsewhere? I would. Look at this toolbox.


You have a solid altar space on top, and loads of storage for herbs, potions, tools, rocks, you name it, and it locks. Why not use whats available?

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.


Twisting Yew Calling

The original idea for this was to develop an alternative to the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The original which was co-written with a former tribesman actually is an alternative to the LBRTP. However, it has not fit into the energies of the Twisting Yew. I kept tweaking and experimenting until I found what works. That is what I present to you today.


Twisting Yew Calling

This ritual is a preparatory step to any work within the Twisting Yew.

To Call Twisting Yew one must begin to pull in energy from the Web of Connectedness through their root system to the root that is planted in Twisting Yew. As the Web travels through you, you begin to feel more closely, the galaxy. Once you are attuned with the galaxy, you call the Twisting Yew.

Begin with this visualization:
Close your eyes and visualize a forest imagine yourself as a seed in the ground. Feel the dampness see the darkness. Begin to emerge, begin to grow, and feel the Sun, the breeze hear the other trees, grow taller feel your roots holding. Grower to the stars, see the Earth surrounded by your roots you are now the center of the universe with roots planted. Above your head and all around is energy pulsing with a purple color. Extend a root to tap into the color. Once the root is connected, feel the energy, the web of connectedness. You are now ready to travel your root system to The Twisting Yew and begin the Calling.


Face North and say “Eihwaz I am part of you, you are part of me come forth and share in this journey.” When you are done speaking this, draw Eihwaz in front of you using the color of the web of connectedness. Remember you are connected and will feel when Eihwaz has answered the call and can continue
Face East and say “Algiz I am part of you, you are part of me. Come forth and share this journey.” When you are done speaking this, draw Algiz in front of you using the color of the web of connectedness. Remember that you are connected and will feel when Algiz has answered the call and can continue
Face South and say “ Kenaz I am part of you, you are part of me. Come forth and share this journey.” When you are done speaking this, draw Kenaz in front of you using the color of the web of connectedness. Remember you are connected and will feel when Kenaz has answered the call and can continue.
Face West and say “Laguz I am part of you, you are part of me. Come forth and share this journey.” When you are done speaking this,  draw Laguz in front of you using the color of the web of connectedness. Remember you are connected and will feel when Laguz has answered the call and can continue.
Look above and say “Twisting Yew I am a part of you, you are a part of me. Come forth and share in this journey.”.
You are ready to work within and as the Twisting Yew.

When you are done working within and as Twisting Yew, begin with thanking Eihwaz, Algiz, Kenaz, and Laguz. While thanking them see the color leave the Runes as it returns its roots. Slowly feel yourself returning down the twisting yew from the galaxy, through the solar system into the Earth’s atmosphere, down back to a seed in the black dirt. when you are ready to open your eyes go ahead. Eat or drink if it is necessary to be here, be here now.