Added a Book List for Beginners

Selection of 7 Pagan books stacked next to a Coffee mug on a table.

One of the many asked questions for people just starting out on their path within Paganism is what books to read. I have out together a variety selection of books to peruse. This is not a comprehensive list by any means. This is just a spring board to the many wonders found in the the nearly endless books a Pagan could read. Enjoy! Feel free to drop a note @ , or connect with us on Discord.

Kaylus’s Recommended Book List

Review: Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologetic

Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologeyic by Lisa Lister, was one of a few books I picked up last week. With in the first few pages, I almost put the book down. You may actually put it down. It is not meant for everyone. That is ok.

Over all the book is geared towards beginner woman witches. It talks a lot about Patriarchy and the damage it has done to woman over the centuries. The book also tells you to question everything including this book. It is clearly a feminist book.

Once you get past all of if it does not resonate with you, the books provides some basic information. The information is not anything new or not found elsewhere. It goes over the Sabbats, some herb, stone, and color correspondences, different way of divination, and so forth.

The positive thing in this book is that it highly encourages you to listen to yourself, to feel yourself, to know yourself. It also provides some path working exercises through out the book. The book is more of a guide or call to do your own research and developer your own path.

So if you are looking for an in-depth how to, this book may not be for you. However if you are looking for something with a different flavor, you might find this book interesting.

‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.

Reading a bit of Mankey

No, I am not talking about the Mankey that stole Ash’s hat in the early episodes of Pokemon. I acquired a copy of Jason Mankey‘s The Witches Athame this past week.  As a Pagan of twenty plus years, I already knew what and how to use an Athame but that never stops me from reading new and old books. This book is just a year old and packs a good bit of information for its small size and young age. In all my years I never delved into the history of this particular tool. After reading this book, I now know a considerable bit more about the early references and uses of the Athame in witchcraft. The first half of this pocket book is dedicated to the history of the Athame and of ritual blades. A good 80% of the history is new information I have not come across. That in and of itself is something, because I have read lots of pagan 101 books.

The book also offers personal accounts from the Author and a few other notable Pagans. It is a great introduction to Athame rituals and uses in Wiccan practices. The second part of the book contains the uses and rituals for an Athame. If you want to make your own, the book covers the different materials and a few methods of making your own.

All in all this was an entertaining and surprising informative read. So if you have a quiet evening with nothing on your agenda, pick this book up and settled down for a couple hours. you will not be disappointed. Maybe you will but reading is good for the soul!

Until Next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.