warrior quote.png

We believe in many gods, we are polytheistic. We welcome people who worship different gods or pantheons. Meeting different views provides opportunities to learn and explore.

Nature is sacred. From the ants to the trees all provide lessons, beauty, and awe. Taking each day as a new chance to reduce the harm, revere the land, we at Twisting Yew acknowledge that the Earth is our home, and should treat it as such. Recycling, repurposing, buying less are all practices we encourage. We do our best to balance modern living with the right choices for our environment

We celebrate the 8 sabbats of modern paganism in an attempt to be more closely attuned to the natural cycles that we live in.

Above all, we recognize that a person should strive to be the ultimate them. We work to be the ultimate, without apologies. Not everyone fits into a one size fits all life.

Image copyright Don Eduardo Garcia

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