The dictionary defines a Sage as a person of profound wisdom.
What I have to expand on that definition and add a bit of faith is: men who reach a certain age become known as “Sage” in the Pagan community for the wisdom that they share with the Tribe. The leaders and the younger set look to them for guidance, teachings and great stories of the past and lessons for the present.
I have known many such men in my life and in the Pagan community. One stands out from the others for his benevolence, for his stories, his humor, and for his dedication to Tribe and his friends.
I immediately felt safe in his presence and learned much from him, as I hope he learned a bit from me as well. I could be the real me, a person of fire and ice, in his presence and he didn’t seem to mind one bit. And if he did, he told me so himself.
He saw something in me (just as he did for others) that no one else could see, or things that others lost sight of.
I will honor him and I will remember him as I move forward in life and here at Twisting Yew. I will remember his lessons and I will remember that he saw value in me and in those around me.
Here, I say goodbye to Daniel Moeller, OakBear; who has left this Earth for his next adventure.
Hail the Traveler!! Hail OakBear!!!
I honor you, I remember you, here and in this life. Let his name be spoken with reverence for the many things he did for our country and for the Pagan community.
~raises horn~