Added a Book List for Beginners

Selection of 7 Pagan books stacked next to a Coffee mug on a table.

One of the many asked questions for people just starting out on their path within Paganism is what books to read. I have out together a variety selection of books to peruse. This is not a comprehensive list by any means. This is just a spring board to the many wonders found in the the nearly endless books a Pagan could read. Enjoy! Feel free to drop a note @ , or connect with us on Discord.

Kaylus’s Recommended Book List

Announcing Discord Server.

There is now a Discord server for chat. You will find both text and voice chat rooms available. The decision to have Discord servers came about from several members playing pubg mobile. Discord service is pretty reliable for voice and serves us well for playing pubg mobile. There is also the room for scheduled discussions, book club meetings, online rituals, and workshops. So come on over and start the discussion! Discord Server

Lesser Banishing Ritual of Twisting Yew

In my continued journey with Twisting Yew, I have fleshed out a version of the LBRP that does not have the Abrahamic touches to it. The format and intention remain. I hope you enjoy.

Face East while performing this ritual.

Part One ( based on the Kabbalistic Cross)

Use your dagger or finger to draw down energy from above to your forehead, touch you forehead. While doing this vibrate:

Thine is

Touch your chest and vibrate:

Touch your right should and vibrate:


Touch your left shoulder and vibrate:


Fold your arms across your chest, palms touching shoulds and vibrate:

So Be It!

Part 2: Drawing pentagrams and circle

While facing East draw the first pentagram, starting at the lower left. when finished

Inhale, pull your hand/dagger back to your chest and then sharply stab the center of the pentagram while vibrating:

High Ones

Keep your arm outstretched and turn ninety degrees to the South; draw another pentagram, stab it and vibrate:

My Gods

Keep your arm outstretched and turn ninety degrees to the West; draw another pentagram, stab it and vibrate:

I am

Keep your arm outstretched and turn ninety degrees to the North; draw another pentagram, stab it and vibrate:

Of Gods

Keep your arm outstretched and turn ninety degrees to the completing the circle that connects the centers of each pentagram.

Part 3: Invocation of the Rune

Still facing the East, stretch out your arms to the side and visualize yourself as an over-sized yew tree with a large red rose blooming at the front intersecting point. When you are happy with the visualization vibrate the runes while visualizing them in huge forms. The placement of the runes is provided in the final speaking text. Vibrate the runes powerfully as you speak:

Before Me is Eihwaz

Behind Me is Laguz

On My Right is Kenaz

On My Left is Algiz

For about me flames the pentagram,

And within me shines the six-rayed star.

Repeat part one.


Go if you must stay if you will!

Adapted by Kaylus the Grey.

Dark Moon Ritual For Resolution of Unhealed Emotions

DPP_6379 (2)

Everyone has  unresolved trauma that results in Shadow Self to put up obstacles in our progress of our work. Resolving issues our Shadow Self presents is an important endeavour, although seemingly endless one. Items needed will be an offering to Anubis, a black candle, incense: frankincense or dragon’s blood, drum or a drumming recording.

Light the Incense, and make your call.

Hail North, the keeper of the dark, the land of the deep thicket, creeping vines, and the land of the Dwarves. Awaken this day to the tribe of Twisting Yew, and those of us who are Guardians of the Roots. We honor you and welcome your grounding energy into our ritual.

Hail East, the keeper of whispers, the bearer of messages, the land of the mist, the talking leaves, the howling Night, and the land of the Fae. Awaken this day to the tribe of Twisting Yew, and those of us who are Guardians of the Roots. We honor you and welcome your moving energy into our ritual. 

Hail South, the keeper of flames, the land smoldering ash, burning truth, building creativity, land of the Salamanders. Awaken this day to the tribe of Twisting Yew, and to those of us who are Guardians of the Roots. We honor you and welcome your searing energy into our ritual.

Hail West, the keeper of the ponds, the land of the Underworld, land of emotions, land of the Nymphs. Awaken this day to the tribe of Twisting Yew, and to those of us who are Guardians of the Roots. We honor you and welcome your cyclic energy into our ritual.

To Twisting Yew, Teacher, Wander, stripper of false, Awaken us to your call, to Your path. We honor you and welcome your blessings upon our ritual.  
Light the candle
Anubis! The Jackal God, the Gatekeeper to life after life, We are unbalanced. Help us to become more balanced, more unity in self, more wholesome.  Black God of the Night guide us to the door where we can met our own Shadow self, our reasons for unbalanced, or traumas to be healed. Place the offering, begin lightly drumming. When ready speak the petion, repeat if desired.

Hail Shadow Self! Tonight I call to you. Tonight I honor you. Tonight we heal,  Hear me now!

I float away but you are my gravity. Die to love another day. I’m a broken feeling, I’m full of pain. I’m sick of all this blockage. I can escape. I know the truth from the lies. I forgive your for your damage and I carry you through, No matter how hard we fall, we Know. You will bleed for me and I will bleed for you. We rise again. You rise again. I rise again!

As the drumming continues pay attention to thoughts, images, and feelings that appear in your mind. Greet them, acknowledge them as they are part of you. If it something you want to change, thank it for giving you knowledge.

When you feel this sessions is complete, announce it: This work is done, so be it! Call to Anubis to guide you back. Before you are part offer your pain of the trauma, or the hardship, to Anubis in thanks for his help this day.

To the Anubis, thank you for sharing this time and space with us. Leave if you must but know that you are welcome always to stay.

To Twisting Yew we hold you always with us, go if you must.

To West,To South,To East, And To North, Thank you for sharing this time and space with us. Leave if you must but know that you are welcome always to stay.

Thanks for reading. May your roots never rot, May your growing never stop.

Lyrics from Papa Roach song feat. Maria Brinks, Gravity used in the petition. They are not my own and are copyrighted.

A Justice Spell

When I originally wrote this two years ago, I was picturing The
Morrigan. Today in the middle of writing a ritual for Ostara this
weekend, She made Her presence known. So I share will share this today.
This is to be spoken over your ingredients, after your work is
assembled, or at anytime during your work that your find it appropriate
to say. Enjoy!

Give me justice
Or give me war
The Great Destroyer I stand before
Petition in hand
This injury be from me free
If justice can not be scored
I look to Me
I look to war
Return to the offender
Their damage
Eye for an eye
Blood for blood
Turn around the ignorance
Mirror back the intolerance

May your roots never rot, and your growing never stop.
Written by Kaylus the Grey

Review: Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologetic

Witch Unleashed Untamed Unapologeyic by Lisa Lister, was one of a few books I picked up last week. With in the first few pages, I almost put the book down. You may actually put it down. It is not meant for everyone. That is ok.

Over all the book is geared towards beginner woman witches. It talks a lot about Patriarchy and the damage it has done to woman over the centuries. The book also tells you to question everything including this book. It is clearly a feminist book.

Once you get past all of if it does not resonate with you, the books provides some basic information. The information is not anything new or not found elsewhere. It goes over the Sabbats, some herb, stone, and color correspondences, different way of divination, and so forth.

The positive thing in this book is that it highly encourages you to listen to yourself, to feel yourself, to know yourself. It also provides some path working exercises through out the book. The book is more of a guide or call to do your own research and developer your own path.

So if you are looking for an in-depth how to, this book may not be for you. However if you are looking for something with a different flavor, you might find this book interesting.

‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.

Protection Spell

dpp_6366 (2)

For this past full moon one of our members had a request for a protection magick. This is a slight variant on what we created for the request. Full moon energy was used to boost the potency. The ingredients used are:

  • Alligator Tooth
  • One to three Sea Shells with points preferably
  • Selected herbs. ( We used Bay Leaf , and Ground Clove.)
  • Cascarilla powder
  • Black Candle

Feel free to add anything else you think you need, or what you know works for you. During the speel you will be placing the shells and gator tooth will be placed around a house or property. You will also Fill the gator tooth herbs and cascarilla powder and seal it with wax from the black candle.

When you are ready to start the spell gather the filled and sealed tooth, shells and candle to where you will be working. Cast your circle if desired.

Light the candle, and the speak the spell below:

To the Gods who work with and watch over person/persons named. We call to you tonight! Glorious are you in whom We walk with! Great are you in whom We give our Love to! Hear us tonight, under this full Moon whose strength is bright. Bless this spell for protection of this house,
person/persons named, their family, and their possessions from the ill intentions, and actions of those who wish to harm and to bring harm here. 

  We call to the creatures of the sea who have passed and left these houses that have points and spikes, bless these vessels times three! ( present shells to all directions, and place in the predesignated spots) We call to Gator whose teeth and claws protect their territory bless this vessel! ( present to all directions, and then place in the predesignated spot.)” 

We you feel ready open the circle if you cast one. If it is safe leave the candle burn to its completion. If it is not, light the candle daily until it is done.

 ‘Till we next meet again; May your Roots never rot, and your growing never stop.

Merry Yuletide

Sharing a bit of seasonal reclaiming, here is a song I reworked that I hope you enjoy.

Valkyries we have heard on high

Valkyries we have heard on high
Proudly carrying battle slain
To the House of Odin
Where immortal they remain
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Feasts and training in the halls
Warriors of Valhalla prepare for war
Fight away the longest night
and Welcome into day, the light
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Tis the time of the year
that we greet the great Jolnir
who wanders long and far
bringing gifts to us here
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
Gloria, in excelsis Deus
written by Kaylus the Grey


Down through the darkness
into the light
Run away
Crossroads here
Snake skins there
Venom in the blood
No marks
Torch light ahead
Turn to the left
Cloudy night
I stand alone
Make my own way
Speaking a sword of truth
No apologies for your cuts
No joy in your blood
Life in service
Is true solitude


Honored one
I hear you call
I see your actions
Your message I know not.
The path is here
The foundation you  have built
The steps were mine
The steps are mine
The storms rage all around
I still see
I still walk
I may not be me when I’m done
Written by
Kaylus the Grey