2020 Dosed Us With Acceptance

One thing we should all be able to agree on is that 2020 gave us a bone of acceptance to chew on whether we wanted to or not. I am not sure if anyone escaped it. What did you do with that bone?

One scratch on my bone of acceptance is that I have one season out of the year, roughly November to February where my physical spiritual practice ceases. My mind does not think of Spiritual, what I mean by that is there is no creative thoughts about rituals, Magick, The Gods, Spirits happening. I can slowly feel them begin to wind down around September. About mid January I feel guilty and once February hits the creative thought process kicks in full gear.

I have recognized that this pattern happens when I am solitary. my time in a group setting adjusted this timing/process. That time of the Wheel is when a lot of groups are in high gear. The last 3-4 years really was difficult in recognizing this pattern. I was fighting my natural path personally and trying to fit it into a group mode.

So next season of being in the Earth as I call it now, I will work on being more forgiving of myself about my physical spiritual practice. I hope that you may have found something useful from here. If you have I would love to hear about it.

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