Goodbye, Hello

It is with heavy heart I write this. One of the great Pagans in the greater Wisconsin is walking his final steps. He is an Elder to many here at Twisting Yew. They would tell you epic stories of how he keep other Pagan organizations alive, how he would always pass pentacles to any new pagan he would meet, about his great sense of humor, or how he would care for stray, and injured animals. He is a part of us in ways he could not imagine.
Hail Elder Oak Bear!
Mighty in stature.
Gregarious, generous, adventurous in life.
Friend to animals,
We speak to you!
Though you have lost this battle, It is your strength, and your passion in your life, your beliefs that will linger on through the many strings in the web of your life. From your child, through your militarily career, your life as a husband, you enormous support to the many pagan organization and pagan individuals you have touch many, and fostered a community of great love and friendship. Reach out onto that web and feel the love and support for you during you final journey in this life.
You spent a life of service, to this country, to your family, to your community, we are now in service to you in your final steps. We will be in service to learn from you what could not be taught in this mortal path, as you spend time with the Ancestors.
The Roots of Twisting Yew have opened a space for you when you are ready to join the Ancestors. Walk bravely and may Awen be ever stronger for you in your new journey.

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