Announcing Formal Formation of Twisting Yew Church.

I am happy to announce the earlier today the Twisting Yew become an official Church, and started the process of becoming an official Church/501c3 in the eyes of the Law. I would Like to present the Board of Directors:

SueEllen Lamb (Kaylus the Grey): Spirit Warden

Kirk Anderson: Gold Warden

Tonya Millet: Scribe Warden

Terry Hoover: General Warden

Brain Hoover (Freek): General Warden

I would like to Present Guardians of the Root:

SueEllen Lamb (Kaylus the Grey)

Tonya Millet

Terry Hoover.

Guardians are the Ministers/Clergy/Preist/Priestess/Gothi of Twisting Yew. Foundational documents will be available in the future.

Until next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.

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