Spirit House

I have always been plagued with misplacing items, things like keys and shiny pens, change, metal objects. Growing up my family attributed missing items to gnomes, fairies,  leprechauns, and just being plain forgetful. I started looking into ways to help curb this mightly annoying aspect of my life after I misplaced an iPod classic and my Blackberry Curve.  I tried having a designated place for things with some success. Using an everyday carry bag. That option had more success. I also tried minimizing stuff.

One day someone suggested that I should make a shrine to the Faerie Queen. So I did, I figured what the hell, right? What is this going to hurt? After a while of providing offering and thanks,  I began to misplaced fewer things less frequently. This also included using a combination of methods that have shown some success. Another outcome from the practice of honoring and showing thanks was sensing a request of me. I was to build a spirit house or Faerie house if you would like. I spent a few days looking at different materials located around my home and thinking about what design to build.  I had everything already except some moss. I bought a bag of moss from a craft store.

The base was leftover from a framing project, a small chunk of 2×4.The walls were harvest from a dead pine tree. The door frame and roof are made from bark found on the ground. The roof tiles are made of shells and tourmaline. Some shells were from a necklace, others were picked off the coast of Washington state, very kindly donated by my partner. The tourmaline is from my collection. I place one shell upside down to hold cone style incense to give the look of a working chimney.


Once it was built, I hung it in it’s home to be. It hangs in a nice bay window. Here it does not get disturbed by every day going on off the household, or the new kitten. Furniture is in the works.

Until Next time, May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.

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