Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is a modern iconic image associated with witches. A simple search will bring loads of articles, Pinterest, Instagrams, and books about the subject. With all the information available it is easy to be a bit confused or overwhelmed to not want to start.  I have been through several books over the years, never quite happy with them. They held their information adequately, and where durable. Though something just wasn’t quite right.

Three years ago I discovered a solution to the not quite right feeling. I found an organization system that allowed flexibility. It was the poor organization and rigidness that was off feeling.  The solution I found is the Bullet Journal system.  It is something I use in my daily life. Durning one of my review sessions, the thought of  “I can use this in my BOS!” excitedly screamed through my head, as I sat there.

How many times have I paged through the several of my BOS’s looking for the specific information, like a spell, an ingredient, results of a magik, or a dream? Too many that it was a problem. When you have just one BOS looking through it may not be that much of a time sink, but when you have books it adds up quickly. The Bullet Journal system solves it in a fairly easy and simple solution. An index and numbered pages. That is it, so simple, why didn’t I think of it kind of simple.  DPP_5980.JPG

The other element of that system is the idea of collections. Collections are just that pages with a collection of a specific type data, for instance, herb uses. How do you navigate through multiple books? Easy, you label the books. Say you had a list of correspondences for a God in an early BOS, and two BOS’s later you found need to continue and update it, all you need to do is start the new collection in your current book, at the bottom of the page you would write the label of the old book and page number on it with an arrow from the page number of the current book pointing to the old book location.20171112_170810.jpg

Maybe  I just missed the class that discussed over the years, as I tend to live in my own world, but this moment was a defining for my spiritual development. It has allowed me to see patterns and recognize the changes I want to make.

Having the index allows a BOS the flexibility of personal growth.  A lot BOS organization suggestions call for three-ring binders and page protectors, section dividers. I do not like spending money on all of that. Quite frankly I do not like having all of that extraneous material in my BOS. The index allows you to put that spell next to that ritual next to that herb list and keep track of it. That thought of inspiration, that meditation message, that divination result, put it down and log it in the index. If you run out of index room, you can use scotch tape to add pages for your index. Go check out the Bullet journal community for ideas you can carry over into your BOS.

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.

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