How to turn anything into what you need…

Ok, maybe not everything into everything you need but by the end of this article I hope you have picked up some tips on how to see something’s potential. As a child, I would use whatever I could to do whatever my crazy child mind thought of, just like most young children. One of my all-time favorites as a child was to use a broom handle to open the kitchen cupboard and again use that handle to get a mug. I did that instead of hauling around a heavy kitchen chair for a child. It had a side effect of freaking out my parents because they could not imagine how as a child I was able to move the kitchen chairs so quietly.

I still use this thinking process daily, because it still serves me to do so. A more recent example is using this electricians pouch at work.  DPP_5978.JPG

My work requires a variety of highlighters, a marker, and pen. I also carry a notebook because the to-do list never ends and the priorities shift at a moment’s notice.  In addition to pretty standard items for workplaces, I also am required to use rolls of various labels, a portable printer, a handheld device, and various types of frames for the labels. My work is not stationary I am walking all the time. My work does not provide adequate solutions for hauling all of these things around in an organized fashion.  So I went outside the box and came up with my own solution. I have also replaced my non-work bags with using this pouch to carry my things around.

How does this translate into my spiritual path? Simple, I use what I have and what I can reasonably acquire for my spells, rituals, offerings. On the biggest obstacles to most beginners is being stuck in the mindset of using exactly what the author, suggests. I am not going to talk about deviating from what a teacher of a path teachers you.  A teacher has reasons for what they teach you, and if you deviate you may miss out on the important concept behind the details.  That aside, when you are doing your own research, and learning, adaptation is key to understanding your inner self.

I am not the first to discuss this, but I am very passionate about it. I have found that following traditional offerings for certain deities I work with do not work as well as if I had used what was available to me at the time instead of waiting and purchasing the listed type of offering. Using glass spheres for divination and spirit work vs. costly crystal spheres is another substitution that provides great results.

How often do you come across crystal spheres in nature anyway?  Nature provides what you need. You may not live in the locale of the author and therefore not have access to the herbs that they have available.  You can then spend money, or spend your time learn what is a local alternative.

Another scenario might be that you have inherited a home from an ancestor that was not Pagan but had a workshop full of tools, large shop style toolboxes, and work tables. Would you sell them or convert the workshop to a temple and just move the tools elsewhere? I would. Look at this toolbox.


You have a solid altar space on top, and loads of storage for herbs, potions, tools, rocks, you name it, and it locks. Why not use whats available?

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.


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