Crafting Rune Sets


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Today I am discussing how to make a rune set out of materials that are not traditional materials.  I have a love of runes that runs deep into my spiritual path. Ever since I first picked up that Big Blue Book 20 years ago, those magick sigils have not left me. I have experimented with store-bought sets, both rock and wood types. I have attempted to created wooden ones( wood crafter I am not).  I have made clay ones, pictured above. Although the most striking set I have made, they clay set did not hold up to repeated use.

Why should you make your own set? Why aren’t purchased sets good? Will a gifted set work? These are all great questions with answers that are different to each person and their set of circumstances. For me creating my own brings me closer to their mystery. That may not be answer suited to your life. You have different priorities than I that do not leave you with time to craft. You may actually dislike crafting. That is fine, it is your path you are walking, own it! Spend time deciding why you want to make your own set versus acquiring a set through the various means available.

Making your own set lets birth yourself into them in ways different than a purchased or gifted set. Those different ways maybe exactly what you need in your life at that time.


My preferred material of recent years are glass gems. They are available in many colors and sizes. You may buy them box stores to craft stores, to thrift stores, and yard sales. You may find on the sides of streets. They are ubiquitous.

I use acrylic paint to put the runes on each gem. It takes a few coats, and some practice to get the desired result. I also paint the bottom to prevent seeing what rune is on the face. In some readings I do I lay them face down and run my finger over them, other times I pull some out of the cloth, and others times I throw them.


The one on the right was a new experiment, I tried using mod podge to seal the paint. It did not turn out very well. I use a clear polyurethane spray to seal them.  Once they are dry, I prepare them for use. The preparation is different for each person. The most important thing to remember is, Do what comes naturally from your intuition!

You maybe wondering what to keep them in once they are crafted. I keep mine in a fat quarter.


It takes me about a day to finish the set, that is with dry time, and final preparation.

Until Next Time,

May your Roots never rot, and May your growing never stop.





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