Devouring Jar

One of the many benefits to being creative is forging your own path. This spell is one of those endeavors that I have reaped the benefits from.

About a year ago I had to restructure my life. I was in a relationship gone bad, in a job that was not providing enough, and in a house that was failing. I made the changes necessary fix the housing issues the job problem and the relationships heartaches. I still needed to make the internal changes to prevent those situations from reoccurring.

One of those internal changes was to be more proactive and less reactive. What better way than to create my own spell to effect that change. A Devouring Jar came to mind.

The Idea of the devouring jar is to bury unwanted thoughts, or beliefs. On a regular schedule write what you want to no longer have in your mind, i.e. insecurities, bad habits, emotions that are detrimental to you, on a piece of paper. Burn the paper.(For those who are bold you may also add your blood to the fire) As it burns, pray to whatever Gods, spirits, or entities you work with, to remove or help remove the item no longer wanted. When the paper is burned open the jar and dump the ashes in. Next cover the ashes with salt completely, add a layer of dirt on the salt. Sit a skull bead of a color on top of the dirt that coincides with a positive trait, thought pattern, or habit you want. As the bead is placed on top ask for help to incorporate what you want to add to yourself. As the jar is filled, the bead is a representative of a growing root. By placing the bead on top dirt you are transforming a negative thing into fertilizer for a positive thing.  Repeat until jar is full, or when the thoughts, beliefs, or bad habit is no longer negatively effecting your life. When it is full bury in the ground on the night of a new moon, or at a Sabbat. During this process you should become more aware of when your thoughts and or actions are resulting from the negative thought/habit you want to change. This allows you to stop and redirect your thoughts/actions into a more positive way.

To create the jar, you will paint it black so that you can not see into the jar. Once it is black, take the other color paint you chose, and in whatever language such as Theban or a Runic alphabet, paint devouring jar. You can also add a spell or binding runes.


So I took an empty glass jar out of the recycling bin cleaned it up, removed the label and paint the jar. Other items you will need:

  • Black Paint
  • Another Color Paint


If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to comment or send an email. That’s all for today.

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